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Issue Tracking Demerit System

Fatal Mistakes Managers Make: Not understanding the importance and appropriate use of an issue tracking system

Some organizations seem to try to use an issue tracking system more like a demerit system. One benefit of a comprehensive issue tracking system is having data on which to trace route causes. However, if people feel like information is being use to assign blame…

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Easy Button

Fatal Mistake Managers Make: Trying to Design the Perfect System

This reminds me of a story I occasionally share about my idea for the design of the perfect software system. This system is designed as the ultimate in functionality, while at the same time…

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Conductors lead professional musicians who have dedicated theirs lives to mastering their craft.

3 Unexpected Business Benefits from Having an Effective Issue Tracking System – Part 3

An effective issue tracking system is used as an under the radar secret weapon for those who have cracked the code of it use. You have the ability to handle more than…

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Speak with Confidence in Meetings

3 Unexpected Business Benefits from Having an Effective Issue Tracking System – Part 1

What I’m specifically talking about is that feeling you experience when you walk into a meeting, on top of your game with all your ducks in a row….and unless you have access to the details, you are playing a version of Russian Roulette with your credibility and reputation…

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managers needs for speed

A Manager’s Need for Speed

An overburdened, overly-cautious corporate culture can add undue cost to the final product or service being delivered. However, the bigger problem, from my point of view, is the…

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Find Knowledge Area Authorities

Knowledge Management Part 3 – The Knowledge Yellow Pages

What do you picture when you hear the term knowledge management? For me, I automatically think of some easy-to-search software system that…

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Knowledge Sharers Need an Audience

Knowledge Management Part 2 – A Qualified Audience

To maximize the value for you, I want to give you a few best practices that aren’t always considered. These practices can make your life much simpler if you…

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Corporate Memory

Knowledge Management Part 1 – How bad is your Corporate Memory?

For the purpose of this discussion, consider corporate memory as your organization’s ability to store useful information for later retrieval, so it can be utilized to make better decisions.

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Professional Tester Magazine - Streamlined Incident Reporting - Page 4

How much can Troubled Projects benefit from Incident Reporting Improvement?

Krishen Kota provides his expert advice for dealing with projects in trouble by implementing more effective methods for incident reporting.

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Company Dress Code Policy

Fatal Company Policies

A policy is like many other tools in business. It can be used to make things better or worse. Effective policies provide clarify and empower employees. This can lead to better decisions and actions that drive performance, profits, and competitive advantage. On the flip side…

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