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Issue Tracking Demerit System

Fatal Mistakes Managers Make: Not understanding the importance and appropriate use of an issue tracking system

Some organizations seem to try to use an issue tracking system more like a demerit system. One benefit of a comprehensive issue tracking system is having data on which to trace route causes. However, if people feel like information is being use to assign blame…

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AdminiTrack Co-Founder. Krishen Kota

Video Describing Why AdminiTrack Started

In this video, AdminiTrack Co-Founder Krishen Kota shares some of the history of AdminiTrack. He talks about the two themes and two extremes that most organizations fall into regarding how they approach issue management and…

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Speak with Confidence in Meetings

3 Unexpected Business Benefits from Having an Effective Issue Tracking System – Part 1

What I’m specifically talking about is that feeling you experience when you walk into a meeting, on top of your game with all your ducks in a row….and unless you have access to the details, you are playing a version of Russian Roulette with your credibility and reputation…

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Creative Problem Solving

Success and Creative Problem Solving

Most successful, hard-working, result-oriented professionals are surrounded by all kinds of problems, issues, and the like. The good news is, problems are a strong indication that action is taken towards meeting an objective….

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New AdminiTrack Facebook Page

AdminiTrack Launches New Facebook Page

AdminiTrack launches a new Facebook page as another way to connect with, provide value to, the working wariors on the front line of the issue management.

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Plan Implementation

Issue Management Best Practices – Part 3 of 3

The magical benefits of issue management do not happen until something is put into practice. Some might consider implementation as a given, but for those of us who have been involved in an issue management process implementation we know there is…

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Chief Information Officer

Issue Management Best Practices – Part 2

In Part 2 of best practices for issue management we are going to look at two more best practices that are vital for an effective issue management program. These include…

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Issue Management Part 1

Issue Management Best Practices – Part 1

…the management philosophies are basically the same across some organizations, but I find that interpretation of a philosophy or use of a particular methodology can be wildly different… let me redefine issue management best practices to something more like “effective practices for issue management”.

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