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Tips for Delivering Project on Schedule

Delivering Projects on Schedule – Part 1

We may not be able to solve all the technology world’s project delivery issues here in this blog post, but if you are involved in a challenging project, I want to share some valuable tips from my experience, that will greatly increase the chances of your project coming in on schedule.

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effective defect management article

3 Components of an Effective Defect Management System

Defect management systems include two common components which include processes and tools. Ignore either one and you end up with sub-optimal results. But to have an effective defect management system take a third often overlooked component. Check out the article which includes the third…

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How to Get the Real Value from Agile Methodologies – Part 3

In part 2, we looked at how Agile documentation differs from traditional documentation. More importantly, we discussed the purpose of documentation as it relates to customer satisfaction. In part 3 our focus is on how to get the real value from Agile scope management. As a starting point, let’s examine…

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Documentation Induced Comma

How to Get the Real Value from Agile Methodologies – Part 2

The use of a particular Agile methodology is less important than understanding and applying the underlying concepts. One example of what I am talking about in regards to deriving value from the underlying concept behind a technique is…

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Managing Virtual Teams

Task Collaboration Software: Best Practices for Virtual Team Productivity

Virtual teams are becoming more common as organizations look for ways to reduce costs and get more done with limited resources. Individual and team productivity are a common concern of…

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Task Management Professional

Simplified Task Management Software for Streamlining Business Task Implementation

Effective task management software provides tools to keep everyone on track as deadlines rapidly approach and priorities quickly shift. These tools are sometimes…

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Effective Collaboration Tool

Project Collaboration Tools: How Can They Be Utilized To Achieve Project Objectives?

Organizations that utilize effective collaboration tools as part of an overall communication management system can see increases in productivity by enabling relevant information to flow between departments, teams, and individuals with minimal friction. Projects can be better managed from a standpoint of what is important rather than getting lost trying to track down information and…

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Running a Project WITHOUT Issue Tracking Software

The Two Most Important Roles of IT Issue Tracking Software

I have been fortunately cursed with many years of experience in internal software development and consulting for clients on a variety of technology projects, software testing, and quality assurance efforts. Over time, I started connecting the dots and seeing things that were not so obvious in the beginning. In retrospect, I discovered two major roles of IT issue tracking software, regardless of how it is being used (tracking defects and non-conformance items, capturing customer requests and feedback, bug tracking, or issue management.)

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