Delivering Projects on Schedule – Part 2

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In Part 1, we looked at some factors that affect the probability of delivering on schedule. Part 1 also included Tip 1, which was to Divide and Conquer. Specific advice included breaking down large projects into smaller releases.


Most would agree that communication is critical in most areas of business and life. For a project to be delivered on time, it is important to communicate effectively. There is, however, an additional adjustment to project communication that can make all the difference.


Tip 2 – Speed Up Communication

Have you ever worked on a project and thought, “…If we would have discovered that earlier, we could have easily done something about it…”

The earlier in a project you can uncover important details and issues, the easier it is to make adjustments. One way to uncover the hidden gotchas in a project is to increase the speed of communication. Following are a few ideas for speeding up communication on your project, which will make delivering on time much more likely.

Suggestions for increasing the speed of communication:

  1. Schedule shorter and more frequent meetings
  2. Co-locate team members if possible
  3. Be conscious of communication methods


If the phone can get the job done in 2 minutes as opposed to taking 10 minutes to draft an email, use the phone. I am not saying one mode of communication is better in every situation. What I am saying is to put some thought into how you are communicating. Try it out and see what kind of positive difference it will make.



“The problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” -George Bernard Shaw


Continue to Part 3 for another tip to help you along your path to on-time delivery.

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