How to Get the Real Value from Agile Methodologies – Part 1

Why does Agile work for some but not everyone? 

Agile Voodoo Practices

Agile Voodoo Practices

The buzz around Agile methodologies has been building for many years and has picked up more steam in the last few. This movement has fueled an ideological battle of Agile versus Traditional methodologies. Instead of rehashing what has been well covered by others, I’ve included a few reference links below which provide some background and context. What I want to cover is my perspective on the straightest line to getting the results from Agile or other methodologies.


Select Agile References:


Beyond the nomenclature of any particular Agile methodology, the actual gold is in the understanding and application of the underlying concepts. What I will be sharing over the next few posts is the science behind the Voodoo, so you came derive some immediate value from applying the concepts in any multitude of ways that best fit your situation.

Through my interactions with AdminiTrack users and outside enterprise clients, I have seen a number of organizations trying to implement specific Agile methodologies like Scrum. In some cases, if you could drop in and listen to their conversations, you would hear people using many of the terms you might expect like burndown charts, daily Scrum, impediments, backlog, etc, but if you examined what was actually being accomplished, you might question the value of Scrum. In other cases, you might hear the same terms, but would be impressed by the incredible productivity and accomplishments being produced. Why does Scrum, or Agile in general, seem to work for some organizations or teams but not others?


This leads to additional questions like:

  • Should we embrace Agile?
  • If we commit to Agile, which specific methodology will work the best for us? Scrum, Extreme, Lean, Feature Driven, Agile Unified, Open Unified, Crystal, or a custom tailored hybrid?
  • Do we have the people to make this work?

The above questions are easy to ask but harder to answer, and may be different for different situations. What I am going to share over the next few posts are some specific, practical insights that you can immediately use to get more value from Agile no matter which specific path you follow.


Stay tuned for Part 2 when I share some specific insights to help you see beyond the Agile Voodoo rituals and get access to the real value of Agile.

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  1. PMI ACP September 1 at 9:53 pm #

    Is anyone on here going to take the PMI ACP Agile Exam?

    • Krishen Kota, PMP November 18 at 6:56 pm #

      I was considering adding the Agile designation, but will work on keeping up my PMP certification first.


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