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AdminiTrack Co-Founder. Krishen Kota

Video Describing Why AdminiTrack Started

In this video, AdminiTrack Co-Founder Krishen Kota shares some of the history of AdminiTrack. He talks about the two themes and two extremes that most organizations fall into regarding how they approach issue management and…

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Knowledge Sharers Need an Audience

Knowledge Management Part 2 – A Qualified Audience

To maximize the value for you, I want to give you a few best practices that aren’t always considered. These practices can make your life much simpler if you…

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Creative Problem Solving

Success and Creative Problem Solving

Most successful, hard-working, result-oriented professionals are surrounded by all kinds of problems, issues, and the like. The good news is, problems are a strong indication that action is taken towards meeting an objective….

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New AdminiTrack Facebook Page

AdminiTrack Launches New Facebook Page

AdminiTrack launches a new Facebook page as another way to connect with, provide value to, the working wariors on the front line of the issue management.

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high performance teams characteristics

High Performance Teams Characteristics

No leader is an island. Each is directly dependent on producing results through team. And smart leaders are always on the lookout to increase the productivity of their teams. Typically, there is a lot of emphasis placed on results and accountability, but there is more to the story…

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Rick Austin, Director of Research and Development Enablement, Capability Development at Fiserv

Getting Ahead, Really?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have not gotten enough sleep for some period of time? At some point you are able to sleep normally again which does wonders for your recovery. In times of extreme exhaustion we might want to sleep more than a normal amount. We believe we can make up for our earlier deficit of sleep. As my wife is fond of saying, “you…

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wheel invented

Delivering Projects on Schedule – Part 9 (Parkinson’s Law)

In this final part of our series on delivering projects our schedule, I will share an important and disturbing law of our projectized universe. It is a law that pre-dates the invention of the wheel, and may have…

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trust and verify

Delivering Projects on Schedule – Part 6

This week we will take a look at the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of project management best practices. …two concepts that sound like they won’t work together, but…

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faster communication management

Delivering Projects on Schedule – Part 2

Have you ever worked on a project and thought, “…If we would have discovered that earlier, we could have easily done something about it.” If so, here’s a tip that…

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Running a Project WITHOUT Issue Tracking Software

The Two Most Important Roles of IT Issue Tracking Software

I have been fortunately cursed with many years of experience in internal software development and consulting for clients on a variety of technology projects, software testing, and quality assurance efforts. Over time, I started connecting the dots and seeing things that were not so obvious in the beginning. In retrospect, I discovered two major roles of IT issue tracking software, regardless of how it is being used (tracking defects and non-conformance items, capturing customer requests and feedback, bug tracking, or issue management.)

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